A housecleaner is a professional who keeps our home clean and our stress levels low. It is important that we have clean houses, but it isn’t always easy to keep a home clean when you live a full life. House cleaners come in and resolve a need and keep the house looking its best. House cleaners provide exceptional work and deserve to be thanked for their hard work. The hourly wage that a house cleaner earns is nice but it always feels good to be shown how much you are valued. Take a look at four of many ways to show your housecleaner appreciation and thanks.

1- Give a Tip

If your housecleaner comes to clean the house on a regular basis, you can skip giving a tip. Instead, give them a gift at the end of the year or at their anniversary. However, if you don’t use their services regularly, it is a good idea to give a tip to thank them for their service. It is an act of kindness and may earn brownie points on the next cleaning service.

2- Send a Card

A card is an affordable gift that your housecleaner will appreciate. The card can be sent any time of the year, including just because and holidays/special occasions. You can throw in a nice gift card to keep things blissful.

3- Paid Day Off

If you have professional cleaning denver come into your home on a regular basis, why not give your cleaner the day off, with pay?  A nice day of pay while enjoying time to yourself or time to take care of business is always nice.

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4- Lunch Date

Why not take your housecleaner out to lunch one day to say thanks? A great lunch at a nice restaurant is great for everyone and will make your housecleaner feel wonderful.