book cataloging & appraisal

Well, what would you know at this point in time? At least if your curiosity is piqued and you truly are one of those who value books of all kinds, genres, materials, shapes, sizes, year of publication, and so forth, you will soon come to learn and appreciate that book cataloging & appraisal work is indeed part of the noble arts. To be preserving books of all kinds from different eras means, surely, that you are preserving life in some way or another. You can be hoarding books on history, biographical works or scientific publications, they are all sources of life, are they not? Book cataloging is a wonderful and enriching profession for anyone who truly values books of all kinds.

It is pleasing to note that there are still any number of professional dealers and experts in this the rare book trade. Without them where would this art world be other than a lost world. Younger book lovers, and this is also pleasing, can be taught to love and revere books. They, however, will be taught to utilize their skills in software applications to great effect in this old book trade. Attention to detail is enhanced through the digitizing of the specialist skills required to assess matters of ephemera and rare incunabula.

The cataloging of books is one of the specialist skills taught to all scholars of the library. Good record keeping comes down to a fine art. All items collected are being described as meticulously as possible. No doubt, research capabilities will be important and so too a fine sense and knowledge of history. Scholars and artists of books have that ability to discover something quite unique about the book or catalog under their microscopes. All book lovers do take note.