When it comes to sports, LeBron James is a name that we are all familiar with. James is an NBA player, and according to many people one of the best that is out there. You can learn more about James, his net worth, and other important details at http://richestcelebrities.bio, where there is also information about many other celebrities. While you are there, you can learn so much about so many celebrities. It is among the best free entertainment that you will ever find. But, don’t disappear just yet, especially if you consider yourself a LeBron James fan, and want more details about this professional. We’re here to divulge some exciting details about the star that you might be interested in knowing.

Who is LeBron James?

LeBron James was born to Gloria Marie James and Anthony McClelland on December 30, 1984 in Akron, Ohio.  He plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers team, where he has won three championships with his team.   He has won four MVP awards, three NBA Finals MVP awards, two gold medals in the Olympics, NBA Rookie of the Yea, and many other awards in his time.

The Personal Life of LeBron James

The 6’8, 240-pound NBA player is married to Savannah. Together the two have two children, two boys. LeBron James and his wife have a healthy life together when James is off the court. The player has many endorsement, and his own shoe line with Nike but being a family man and a father to his sons is the job that Hames values more than anything else.

The LeBron James Net Worth

LeBron James has a net worth of $223 million. There are many factors used to tally the basketball player’s net worth, and in addition to this number, he is also paid handsomely for each game that he plays in alongside the Cavaliers. He is also earning money from the sales of his shoes as well as from the several endorsements that he currently holds with a variety of different organization.


Is He Worth the Cash?

It all depends upon who you are asking. Those who support high figures for NBA players will of course say that he is worth this cash ad more. There is no question that he is a great player and has skills many do not. Of course, there’s also people who think that sports stars are paid too much as it is, and who do not deserve their salaries. It all depends upon who you ask so you can use your own personal decisions and judgments.

LeBron James has had a very successful career in the NBA and in his personal life. He is a great player who cares about the game, and his fans, and it shows in everything that he does. If you are a fan of LeBron James and want more information, it is as easy as clicking the above link. You will love learning all this free information!